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Celebrating Christmas abroad

It’s coming up to that time of year. The time when the air begins to chill, ice appears on cars, and Christmas lights begin to pop up on houses and offices. At least, this is a typical scenario for December in the UK. But what about all those people who no longer live in the UK – they may be celebrating this Christmas in a run down country house that they have bought for renovation. Perhaps many people will not be feeling very festive as where they are in the world there is no snow, after all it is summer in Australia right now!

Many people choose to holiday abroad for the festive season – opting to get away from the hustle and bustle, not to mention stress of Christmas in the UK. Christmas abroad can be similar to in the UK, or quite different. For example, I bet not many people have eaten their Christmas dinner on a beach and cooked it with a barbeque! If Christmas is an important celebration for you and your family then you should research how it is celebrated in the country you are moving to, especially if you are moving to a Muslim country where it may not be acceptable to celebrate it at all.

If you move to Turkey, you must be aware that there are a variety of faiths living there and Christmas will not be as widely celebrated as it is in the UK. However, if you move to a very Christian or Catholic country such as Spain or Portugal then you will see that Christmas is time for a huge celebration and there will definitely be plenty going on up and down the country. It is important that wherever you move to, you try your best to embrace or at least understand the local culture. This will help you to integrate more and become part of the society. If you understand the local culture this will also help you to understand your neighbours and they will greatly appreciate if you show an interest in the way that they do things.

Celebrating you first Christmas abroad could make you miss being at home in the UK, however if you have your immediate family around you then that’s the main thing. You may even invite some other relatives and friends over to your new home for Christmas to help celebrate, although this might not always be on 25th December, for example, many Latino American countries give gifts on the 6th December and the 25th acts more as a celebration of the coming New Year. This is why it is important to research the local traditions – you don’t want to be celebrating on the wrong day of the year!

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