Helping You Build a Life Overseas

Get a £25 Marks and Spencers voucher for sharing your experience

Have you successfully purchased an overseas property?  Did you have any obstacles that you overcame?  We're looking for experiences that can help future readers.  If you send us your story and we publish it you will get a £25 Marks and Spencers voucher.  Please send us the following:

- Where you purchased

- When you purchased

- What your obstacle or obstacles were

- What you did to overcome them

- What advice you'd give to future buyers

- Did you find the Guides useful and in what way?

- Your contact details

- We would need a photo of you to go with the story if we proceed (do not need to submit now), are you willing to do this? It makes the story more personal for readers.

Remember - we'll reward you with a £25 M&S voucher for your time so please send us through your experience today!